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Andras Hajos borrowed millions to start his own TV show

Andras Hajos borrowed millions to start his own TV show

Andras Hagos AIn the “Life” program on YouTube, he recalls when and how he realized that civilian life was not for him. “When the band started playing and someone said to me: 'Don't you try this kind of show?', I thought why not… This has become my job. This is good, then I will turn myself into a TV personality, especially after seeing that I have moved away from normal life and the normal world of work and praise.” “I will never be an ordinary person like my father,” says Andras Haeus, who has been following American and German media without language barriers, so he has seen the kind of programs that exist abroad: with musicians, dancers, comedians, interviewees, and creative elements. “And then I started building a little Hollywood around me, 'Why not,'” he continued. “I borrowed money, and started my first show, Private Number. 'I don't really know what I did in it, but it came one after the other,'” he explained.

As he said, he wasn't particularly attached to any of them, and maybe that's why he was successful. “To this day, I remember that when I told my wife – twenty years ago, I don't even know – that I had borrowed almost ten million forints because I was going to do a TV show, she was completely nervous. We already had two children. I said it would be good, he said: How could it be? “Okay, and if people hate it? But I was like that. I'm still like that to some extent now, or I try to keep it that way.”

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