Andras Bodoni has reached the finals

Andras Bodoni has reached the finals

The dinghy in Deussiger made the transition from qualifying to the finals in the Olympic slot competition.

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Christmas cannot even earn a degree by today’s rules

András Bodonyi, DVTK canoe, reached the final of the C-1 qualifying 1000m today live on Wednesday at the day of the C-1 kayak qualifying competition for the 1000m in Szeged, so he can fight for the right to start in Tokyo.

There were two preliminary races in the competition for the athlete from Diosger, and Andras Bodoni was in the first race on the second track. He had a good start, strong, he tried to keep up with the midfielders, among whom was the intervention of Ukrainian Altukhov. Halfway through, he had an advantage over Italian Tacine, who was walking past him. The only Hungarian in the field was in fourth place at the time, in part because his Roman rival was frustrated with insane speed on the extreme path. Three-quarters of the way away, the fate of third place seemed to decide between the two, who was at stake over who would reach the finals today, and who would avoid the intermediate race. In his poetry, Bodonyi managed to speed up his pace, and when he got to the Roman canoe, the latter “died” in a crazy effort that he dictated himself, and in the end was only happy to reach the finish line. Italian Tacchini went evenly and won the race, and Bodonyi came second because Altukhov didn’t really want to withdraw in the end, and was sure to reach the final without him.

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Bodoni’s time was 4: 02.85 minutes, which is 23 seconds (!) Better than the same week’s result in the same venue, which was won by the home team. Interestingly, in the second canoe race in each of the 1,000 meters, Moldovan returning Sergey Tarnovci won after 4 years with a time of 4:02:45. Behind the Belarusian Maxim Piatro II and Russian third Elia Stokalov, the others were long behind, followed by the latter by 14 seconds.

The six athletes named by name did not have to compete in the semifinals on Wednesday afternoon, and it would be a small miracle if they weren’t one of the day’s winners at the 1,000-meter C-1, Olympic quota race.

For the first time this year

Andras said: “The fact that I managed to reach directly, not second place, gives me clear confidence, but I did not have to go to the middle race, because in this case the program would be very intense.” Bodoni after the race. After the qualifiers, it also gives me confidence that I am finally on a good track, for the first time this year. Reality! Perhaps for the first time in the past ten months. My beginnings went surprisingly well, having access to very little others. Next to me, the Roman Knight was behind me too, and after a short while he started a lot, but I saw that this pace would be great for him. Halfway through my coach said I was in fourth place and from there I realized I had to beat the Romanian contestant to reach the finals. I was expecting to be faster in the last 250 meters because my strength is that I can do well in the end. Fortunately, I succeeded.

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The race will be right to start in Tokyo on Thursday from 11.24 in Sejed, where Lithuanian Korobov, who advanced from the semi-finals, could also start Ross and Budoni, who are “dying” and resurrected. Roman Deepa.

the others

Three other Hungarian men were interested in the Wednesday show. K-1 at 200 meters, Csizmadia Kolos beat his rivals with a confident advantage in the second sprint preliminary race, where only the winner can save the middle race. C-2 At 1,000 meters, Adolf Baláz’s duo, Dániel Fejes, won their street race, as the top three reached their finals. At the K-2 1000 meters, Kornél Béke, dám Varga, finished fourth in the preliminary race, so they were still waiting for the mid-race early in the evening. They won this, so they’ll be there in today’s final. Like the C-1, in the K-2 1000m, only the winner is eligible to start in Tokyo, while in the K-1200 and C-2 1000, the front runner will win an Olympic stake.

Andras Budoni fighting for the C-1 1000 stake

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