And the head of the state treasury announced in his resignation letter

And the head of the state treasury announced in his resignation letter

The head of the Hungarian Treasury (MÁK), Joseph Mizaros, announced his resignation and announced his departure in an internal email. His popular word.

Joseph Mizaros, the Hungarian Treasury appointed chief in 2017, said goodbye to his colleagues in two serial letters at noon on Wednesday.

His departure was not justified by the president, so many news stunned. Mizaros has worked with several of them since 2010, being the head of the National Authority for Pension Disbursement (ONYF) since 2010, after which the pension payer and state treasury has been the head of the joint organization since 2017, the newspaper writes. .

Joseph Mesaros was the former head of the Hungarian State Treasury

MTI / Zoltán Máthé

The integration of MÁK-ONYF appears to have taken place without any problems, and the State Treasury Department had no particularly professional or public objections.

But in the last year, the perception of the state treasury within the state administration has changed: Minister of Finance Mihaly Varga has appointed a Ministerial Commissioner responsible for promoting the strategic renewal and more efficient operation of the Hungarian State Treasury.

The Ministerial Commissioner reports directly to the Minister of Finance.

According to the ministerial instructions regarding his appointment, the commissioner’s task is to study the possibility of increasing the efficiency of the operation of the Hungarian State Treasury, to review its strategic and conceptual issues.

In addition, his mission was to participate in analyzes and investigations relating to the treasury, to monitor proposals and reports on the operation of the treasury, and to express opinion on strategies and concepts prepared by the treasury, they said.

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