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And after forty years an international competition is organized again m

And after forty years an international competition is organized again m

After forty years, an international cycling race will be held again in Hungary – the Hungarian Confederation (MKSZ) informed MTI.

The Kőbánya track complies with international regulations (Photo: Facebook/Kőbánya BringArena)

“Although Millinares has served as the home base for Hungarian track cycling for decades, it has not reached the level expected from international competitions, so despite our talented and distinguished competitors, there was no way to join the competition organization for elite cyclists on the track. track” – says the statement of MKSZ, which indicated that this changed with the delivery of the UCI-certified 200-meter wooden track, BringArena in Kőbánya, in December last year.

Since then, the Romanian and Austrian national teams have also trained on the course with 50-degree bends, and Austrian, Slovenian, Slovakian, Romanian, Polish, British, Czech, Norwegian, Colombian and Canadian cyclists compete on Saturday and Sunday. in seven events.

The Hungarian colors are represented by 12 riders: Susana Kerso Magos (MSA SE), Petra Yaszabate (MSA SE), Szonia Kaput (Tipográfia Ladies Cycling), Borisza Johanna (GreeZone-ZKSE), Drijvere Bertold (Ibronks-Hungary), Marton Solimosi . (APRONEX – Hungary), Miklós Duroc (MSA SE), Balint Sengoy (COPANIA), Imre Marcel Vervar (KSI SE), Patrick Romeo Lovasi (FTC), Peter Muller (Beat Cycling Club), Victor Villotas (HRE Mazowsze Serce Polski) . .

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