Ancelotti is even punishing him for not letting him play for Real Madrid

Ancelotti is even punishing him for not letting him play for Real Madrid

The problem is getting more and more serious at Real Madrid, and Ancelotti’s hours seem to be numbered.

In the case of Real Madrid, the team’s performance has clearly deteriorated recently, which was fully reflected in the embarrassing results. And in the coming months, Florentino Perez is waiting for two very serious decisions, mainly due to the coach’s personality.

Ancelotti was signed last year and it was believed that his arrival could give a boost to the team: the problem was that although the team started well at first and was particularly successful, in recent weeks the performance had fallen so dramatically that it was already showing results you can You see what the club management is doing with good eyes.

And the team’s decline can clearly be attributed to Ancelotti, who made decisions that hindered the team, but the players have already shown that they have almost no motivation on the field. Ancelotti has been watching Gareth Bale since his arrival, who by the way is no longer performing poorly in the first season, and the coach accuses him of not focusing on Real Madrid but on the success of the national team.

The tension arose that Florentino Perez promised Bale that he would be treated as a full member of the squad until the end of the season, when his contract expires, but Ancelotti does the exact opposite and refuses to play. Send the player to matches. .

Surprisingly, Bale played a total of 5 matches and spent only 271 minutes there. It seems as if Ancelotti is punishing him by refusing to send him to the field, and if he does, he will decide to do so only in away matches, in the last minutes – as evidenced by his recent defeat against Paris Saint-Germain, where in perhaps the last 3 minutes entered the field.

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