An update has been released that will unlock hardware restrictions on Samsung phones

An update has been released that will unlock hardware restrictions on Samsung phones

Samsung has been embroiled in a small scandal in recent days in which it was revealed that it is hampering the performance of some of its phones, a selective solution that does not affect the operation of standard applications. This practice has been partially acknowledged by the manufacturer and an update has now been released that is said to fix the situation.

The source of the problem is a service called Game Optimization Service (GOS), which, according to a previously unlisted list, will slow down the performance of 10,000 apps and games, while not limiting benchmark apps, so test results may be misleading. Geébench was also quick to react, classifying Samsung’s practice as manipulation, and banning top models in the Galaxy S series out of the top 4 over the past four years.

Samsung has admitted that it is “improving” the performance of its phones, but the manufacturer says this only happens in games to reduce warm-up and improve boot time. Anyway, they promised to release an update that would lift these restrictions, and now the first relevant update has arrived.

For the first time, the South Korean Galaxy S22 models received the new software, in which the hardware performance limit was released, so games can move forward in full force. We haven’t received a specific schedule, but an update may be available in other regions soon, which will also be available on the previous flagship Galaxy S series. The only question now is how this will affect warming and runtime.

via GSMArena

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