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An unusual thing was recorded by the camera in the secret room of the Egyptian pyramid

An unusual thing was recorded by the camera in the secret room of the Egyptian pyramid

the Egyptian pyramids They amaze humanity to this day, and while we think we know everything about them, the truth is that thousands of mysteries are revealed every time researchers start digging around archaeological structures. One of the greatest mysteries surrounding the Great Pyramid of Giza is the purpose of the rooms and columns that surround the structure.

According to some theories, these were ventilation holes, while others say that these sky-facing openings were actually looking at the great stars of the sky. They had a ritual purpose, as they radiated the soul of the pharaoh into the sky. But many are skeptical about these suggestions, and the common point in scientists' discourse is that we don't know exactly what their purpose is.

But as new information emerges, theories change. And every so often we are presented with a surprise addition.

The robot filmed something that has not yet been explained.

It was all a lie, something monstrous was found under the Egyptian pyramids

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There are parts of the Great Egyptian Pyramid that people cannot enter, because the passages and openings are very narrow, which is why scientists have built a robot after many years of work to walk through the previously invisible spaces inside the pyramid. But the robot also faces obstacles, as there are also closed sections in the corridors.

The secret vents were discovered 30 years ago, and since then they have been searching for why the creators built them.

Finally, in the secret passage, they discovered a room with secret codes on its surfaces, not yet deciphered, but already recorded by the robot. Therefore, the reason behind the construction of the secret rooms of the pyramid thousands of years ago is considered a mystery to England.

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Here are Djedi Robot's shots of the secret codes inside the room:

(via unilaid)

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