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An unexpected analysis has arrived: there may be a secret American regime behind the world-famous Ukrainian successes

An unexpected analysis has arrived: there may be a secret American regime behind the world-famous Ukrainian successes

According to the Ukrainian Air Force, they shot down 13 Russian warplanes in about two weeks. Although there is no direct evidence of this yet, satellite images indirectly indicate Ukrainian successes, but the exact number remains in doubt.

The alleged effectiveness of Ukrainian air defense was influenced by several factors. One of the most important of these US-made Patriot missile batteries were loaded. Which can therefore be deployed using tactics similar to HIMARS missile launchers.

On the other hand, the downing of the Russian Beriev A-50 airspace surveillance plane also shows this Ukraine has also successfully deployed older Soviet S-200 missile systems.

Thirdly, it is also not an aspect that can be underestimated The Russians flew more aggressive sorties (closer to the front line).More goals can mean more shots.

However, in connection with the February events, there is the question of what radar systems helped the Ukrainian air defense. The Sz-200's radars were so old that they were able to remain “hidden” from enemy pilots, which meant that Soviet missile systems had to be classified under a different system.

This is where the assumption comes into play that the Ukrainian army may have obtained it Parts of the US Integrated Combat Command System (IBCS).Which allows linking between different radar systems and missiles. Analyst David Ax bases his assumption on a reference made in the US aid package announced in February 2023, which included:“Equipment for integrating Western air defense bombers, missiles and radars into Ukrainian air defense systems” item as well.

Former Ukrainian Chief of Staff, Valery Zalozhny, also hinted at creating a similar system:

IBCS is like that “A set of processors, radio links and algorithms”allowing you to do so Almost any anti-aircraft radar and almost any anti-aircraft missile cooperate, says the official description of the manufacturer, Northrop Grumman. Although the IBCS is still officially under development, some parts of the Poles must already have been deployed to protect their borders – so it must be effective at some level.

Even if you only get parts of IBCS, The Ukrainian Air Force can link hundreds of long-range radars, including older Soviet radars and the latest Western models, and use this comprehensive sensor coverage to guide all of its medium- and long-range missiles. – Including Soviet and Western models.

And judging by the number of planes shot down – even if the numbers are real – it appears that if this system exists in Ukraine, it has already been used successfully against the Russian Air Force.

The cover image is an illustration. Cover image source: Wikimedia Commons

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