An unexpected American trip to Taiwan: New high-profile visitors have arrived on the island

The five-member delegation is headed by Democratic Senator Ed Markle, and includes three Democrats and one Republican congressman. According to the plans, they will meet with the Taiwanese president, foreign minister and members of the foreign affairs and national security committee of the Taiwan parliament. Trade and defense issues will be on the agenda of the negotiations.

Spokesman Ed Markle said the two-day visit aims to “strengthen US support for Taiwan” and “promote stability and peace in the Taiwan Strait.” According to the statement, members of the delegation, as well as elected leaders, will meet with representatives of the private sector to discuss matters of mutual interest, including reducing tensions in the Taiwan Strait and possibilities for expanding economic cooperation. , including investments in semiconductor manufacturing.

The Chinese government has yet to officially comment on the new US visit.

The surprise visit of Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi last week drew strong opposition from China. Beijing has previously warned the United States of dire consequences if such a road was established. After that, China began extensive naval and air military exercises around Taiwan, including the deployment of live missiles.

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