An undiscovered Easter egg for twenty years on the first Xbox console! [VIDEO]

Microsoft has hidden this secret in the original Xbox so much that it hasn’t been publicly discussed for twenty years: putting it together is no easy task.

Anonymous developer for Kotaku betrayal, What is an Easter egg that can only be found “raw” through hard work (unencrypted code, i.e. reverse engineering on the dashboard; possibly a leak of the original source code). The secret has a hidden employee list so far anyway, and according to the anonymous developer, although it could have been found, he believed it wouldn’t have appeared much without the leak.

To see this secret menu for yourself, go to settings on the console and observe the System Information screen. From here, head over to the music interface and insert an audio CD (the shorter the better). From the disc screen, select Burn twice, then switch to a new audio track option. Delete the headline, then type Timmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! (It’s easiest to describe that as Timm, then just after 27 Yt from there finally delete another one and put an exclamation point there because that’s also necessary).

The console will then start loading the disk contents to our hard drive, so you can sit here for a little bit of comfort. When you’re done gripping, get off the main menu completely. From here, we’re targeting Settings> System Information again, and if we do everything successfully, the staff list will only appear with four names, so the unknown person is likely one of those teams.

The rudeness that this Microsoft secret has been out there for twenty-four million Xbox for nearly two decades, and the fact that until now no one has revealed the fact that the Dashboard developers have connected themselves to the system, seems quite surprising. Of course, I’m afraid here, but we have to ask: What can a good old Xbox hold?

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Source: Kotaku

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