An ugly world is coming?  TV ads in games

An ugly world is coming? TV ads in games


A company has been testing the opportunity for a year and plans to roll it out until this year.

05/07/2021 13:02 | Greg | Category: game

In the world of TV channels and radio broadcasts, ad breaks are quite common, if not uncommon. Since the existence of commercial radio and television, it has been a part of our lives, even if it is one of the most disgusting things in the world. The trick has now gone so far as to cut long minutes from the end of the films just to give enough time for the commercials…

Fortunately, all of this has been left out of the video game world for the time being. Apart from some mainly free games and mobile platforms, it is not at all that the gaming experience, the gameplay, is broken by pushing ad blocks in our faces. So far. But it’s easy for the ad-free period to end sooner or later.

a Simulmedia Create a new platform player called, which serves the purpose of allowing publishers and other advertisers to bombard players with targeted ads. As it is difficult to reach the younger generation on traditional channels today, they see the future in this direction.

It is also said that Simulmedia conducted a survey among players, according to which they are happy to watch commercials while playing if they are rewarded in return. This reward can be a credit or a cosmetic item within a particular game. But they will only receive these if the ads are fully displayed, this will be monitored by the PlayerWON platform.

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Simulmedia already reportedly agrees with hello ris Publisher, under which Smite has been testing the solution for a year. According to some sources, the company already has sheHe also agreed, but was not later officially refuted by the publisher. In any case, Simulmedia wants to expand its network to dozens of games later this year. ■

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