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An open letter to Alfoldi who screams Nazis

An open letter to Alfoldi who screams Nazis

– I consider it extremely arbitrary and tasteless for the former director of the National Theater to say in his statement to RTL – what he would not offer if the word “formerly” was missing from my opening sentence –

With the fear of the potential return of this unfortunate and unacceptable historical shame, it is stifling the government and the millions behind it, including myself.

– He wrote “A Letter to Robert Alfoldi and His Historical Knowledge.” In his open letter This is a country where gays are covered up and banned, but the Nazis are not, actor Zsolt Bognar told Robert Alfoldi, who recently de-Nazined Hungary.

As Magyar Namzet also wrote, L. Simone Alvoldi regarding Laszlo’s departure: “These things, the law itself, and the way people are being harassed in this way now, remind us of very bad times.

We can say communist times, but we can say Nazi times very roughly, and I’m waiting to see when they’re going to bring us together and what we should wear, because that’s how it’s always started in history, in reference to normalcy. “

In response to the above, Zsolt Bognar wrote in his letter that the majority of those who claim to be different on the stage of public life voluntarily reveal themselves to the world. – To my knowledge, we conservatives, myself included, have never come out publicly in a way that would make us Nazis. for this reason,

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If I may ask you, do not subtly dress us in a spiritual garb that we will never wear.

If the emergency period I proposed is revived, I will be one of the first to come to your defense, and I will not be alone, believe me. So be careful with your generalizations,” the actor said.

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