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An obsessed player has covered all of Starfield’s planets in 180 hours

An obsessed player has covered all of Starfield’s planets in 180 hours

Starfield’s advertising materials weren’t lying: there’s actually a great deal of stuff for space adventurers to discover, as one player has now proven.

06.10.2023 – As is the case with most corporate managers, Todd Howard also tends to hold back on his own developments, which in most cases he has not been able to prove to the general public. Unlike, say, Take Two head Strauss Zelnick, or EA’s front man, Andrew Wilson, everyone’s good friend Todd at least really loves and understands games.

His enthusiasm is contagious: let’s just remember when, during his joint presentation with Microsoft, he told us about the experience, motivation and excitement that we can actually discover in Starfield more than 1000 unique celestial bodies, and the virtual universe that can be visited will be so huge. The matter is not a hoax at all, as there are in fact more than a thousand planets waiting to be discovered, although most of them – in reality – have no life at all.

However, one player carried his friend Todd Howard’s bag full of ash-baked cookies on his back and spun around like Ash Ketchum to identify them all. I mean all of them: not only did he visit planets, he surveyed 100% of all the plants and animals he found on them.

This means a total of 120 systems, 1,695 celestial bodies (including moons), 807 plants, 794 animals, and 180 hours of gameplay.

A true scientific explorer. A complete survey of every possible planet.
byu/doomzero StringStarfield

However, the exploratory tour did not end with perfect results. According to the persistent player, on three planets – Masada 3, Beta Marae 1, and Charybdis 2 – he encountered bugs that simply prevented him from scanning plants or animals. Fortunately, with a few tricks, he was able to solve the error with only one exception: he succeeded in mapping 1,694 planets. I’m not saying the whole thing is crap because of this, but unfortunately the tour can’t be considered 100% until it’s fixed.

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It’s unknown if there’s any other meaning to the whole thing other than just being interesting, but the huge accomplishment might be worth it. Or Todd Howard’s man, after all, who was the one who encouraged Starfield audiences to explore.

However, I must add at the end that these 180 hours of David Attenborough came together without Starfield having completely walkable orbs. After landing, we can only walk in a larger area, but the size of a handkerchief compared to the total size of the planets and moons. We couldn’t imagine how much time would be stolen from our lives if these nearly 1,700 objects were fully walkable like No Man’s Sky. Perhaps our hero would not have finished the quarter …

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