An Iranian man beat up a bear and arrested it

An Iranian man beat up a bear and arrested it

A man was arrested in Iran on Sunday for beating an endangered brown bear in a local village. According to the official news agency, the people of Qanazeq village in Ardabil governorate chased and assaulted the animal and then pushed it to the ground with a tractor. BBC.

The bear sustained fractures in the leg and pelvis during the chase, as well as a spinal injury. According to information from the IRNA state news agency, the animal was taken by the authorities to an animal clinic, where it was destroyed.

The semi-official ISNA news agency reported that the head of the judiciary in Ardabil announced, on Monday, the arrest of the perpetrator. To this day, it is not known what prompted the villagers to attack the animal.

The brown bear population in Iran, which is concentrated in the Zagros and Alborz mountains, has decreased due to habitat loss and hunting. At the same time as the incident, an endangered Persian tiger was shot dead in Iran on Sunday after attacking and wounding a police officer in the town of Gamshahr, north of the capital, Tehran. The tiger was later captured and taken to a shelter, but died of his wounds.

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