The German Vehicle Control Association, or KBA, is studying whether Tesla’s automatic lane-changing function is allowed at all in Europe, Bild am Sonntag wrote, referring to Sunday. Bloomberg.

In the US, the US Department of Transportation has been investigating Tesla for months for autopilot. As is known, the system has been criticized primarily for its misleading name, as there have been a number of incidents that may have prompted drivers to interpret its operation as a self-driving function.

According to the German newspaper, the KBA has also contacted the Dutch car dealership, which is responsible for licensing Tesla in Europe, so the switch could cut the American brand across the continent.

Recent developments are known to put more obstacles in the way of Tesla’s European expansion. Work at the site near Berlin has been slower than expected, with local environmental groups expressing concerns about the impact on water supplies and wildlife.

Bloomberg tried to catch up with Tesla and the KBA in the news, but as it happened outside normal business hours, that didn’t work out.