An interstellar fugitive has been studied in the solar system

An interstellar fugitive has been studied in the solar system

Experts provide the most recent information on Comet 2I / Borissov in two new studies IFLScience. Publications Here And Here Available, the VLT (Very Large Telescope) and ALMA (Atacama Large Millimeter / submillimeter Array) instruments of the European Southern Observatory (ESO) were used for the studies.

2I / Borisov was discovered in August 2019, and it is the second known interstellar object in the solar system. Unlike the mysterious Oumuamua, in the case of 2I / Borisov, the celestial body is clearly a comet.

When analyzing body composition, the researchers came to the conclusion that 2I / Borisov may have passed near a star for the first time in 2019 and may have come from a system in which gas giants orbit.

According to the first study, the celestial body may be one of the most intact comets identified.

Experts found a surprising number of similarities between the body and the comet Hale-Bopp, which was also visible with the naked eye from Earth in 1996-1997.

Researchers believe that Hale-Bopp only reached the interior of the solar system for a second time in the 1990s, which is why its composition remained relatively intact. Dr. Alberto CelinoThe fact that the two celestial bodies are similar could mean that 2I / Borisov evolved in an environment reminiscent of the early solar system, said a fellow at the Italian Institute of Astrophysics and a member of the team.

Doctor. Bin Yang |, ESO researcher and his team analyzed discrete debris from 2I / Borisov in another study. Experts believe that the comet coma consists of solid pieces 1 mm in diameter. The observation also revealed that the object may be composed of materials that may originate from different regions of the original star system of the celestial body.

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Researchers are confident that over time they will be able to detect more interstellar fugitives in the Solar System. Analyzing these terms can help you better understand the conditions prevailing in other systems.

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