An interpreter was expelled from Afghanistan to help secure Joe Bident in 2008

An interpreter was expelled from Afghanistan to help secure Joe Bident in 2008

Joe Biden in Washington on September 29, 2021

Photo: WIN MCNAMEE/Getty Images via AFP

He and his family were able to evacuate and escape from Afghanistan by an Afghan interpreter who in 2008 helped evacuate then-Democratic Senator Joe Biden, the current president of the United States, from an Afghan conflict zone.

In 2008, a helicopter carrying Bident and other US lawmakers, including Democratic Senator John Kerry as well as Biden, made an emergency landing in a ravine in Afghanistan due to a snowstorm, and there was a serious risk that diplomats could be imprisoned. Aman Halili was one of the Afghan government employees who secured the collection at the time.

In August, Halili requested help with visa issues so that he could leave the country under Taliban rule. Khalil struggled to obtain a special immigrant visa for the United States to escape from Afghanistan.

The US State Department told BBC News on Monday that Halili and her family had safely left Afghanistan and had already traveled from Pakistan.

After the US withdrawal began in August, Halili told BN and headed to Biden to save him, his wife and five children. White House spokesman Jen Psaki said in September that everything was being done to evacuate.

This procedure was performed by an organization called Human First Alliance. The organization has already helped rescue more than 200 Afghans in Pakistan by providing access to a special immigrant visa. It was not clear from the news if Halili had actually obtained this special visa or if she was traveling to the United States. (BBC)

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