An international scandal is being created due to the Coronavirus

In Ukraine, the spread of the coronavirus epidemic accelerated again on Wednesday, the day before Nearly seven hundred new infections were recorded, more than 11,000 injuries, More than four hundred people died from the disease in a single day, more than ever before.

According to officially reported data, The number of injured increased by 11,226 new cases to 1,674,168 in the last day, and the number of deaths increased by 407 to 32,825.. So far, 1313,481 people have been treated, but the number of active patients has increased by more than 4.4 thousand to 327,862.

On the last day, a very large number of 5,558 coronaviruses were hospitalized again. Or a patient suspected of being infected, more than twice as high as the day before. The Ukrainian portal Pravda highlighted this regarding both the deceased and those who were hospitalized

This is the daily record so far since the epidemic broke out in Ukraine last March.

Most of the new patients, 1,100, were reported again from the country’s most affected region, the capital, Kiev, Where, according to Kiev Mayor Vitali Klitschko, the number of injured has already exceeded 162,000 people, the number of deaths increased by 35, reaching 3,490.

Ole Ruban, director of the Kiev Consumer Protection Service Branch, said on Wednesday that hospitals in the capital are over 90 percent saturated, which is why even

They can tighten restrictions even more on Friday.

If another 500 hospital beds are not provided for a Coronavirus patient, the National Academy of Medicine. Kiev is already in the most dangerous “red” position, but more tightening will mean restricting public transport, stopping the subway, closing kindergartens, and stopping education in lower grades of schools.

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In Uzhgorod, Transcarpathia, about half a hundred entrepreneurs demonstrated Wednesday against quarantine restrictions that they believe do not apply to everyone equally. Transcarpathia has been rated “red” since March 8th.

in Ukraine So far, they are vaccinated with only one type of vaccine, under license from AstraZeneca With a vaccine manufactured under the name Covishield in India.


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