An interesting discovery of the city was made from under a shopping mall

The University of Leicester team has done some impressive work over the past few decades.

Over the years the University of Leicester Archaeological Service (ULAS) has come across some interesting Roman and Medieval artifacts in the local Highcross shopping center area – National Geographic reports based on the BBC article.

Researchers believe the remains will contribute significantly to a deeper understanding of the city’s history. The project It has been nominated for the 2023 Current Archeology AwardsThe award is one of the most prestigious archaeological awards in the UK and Europe.

As we have shown, Leicester experts carried out excavations of the shopping center before its construction in 1991 and expansion between 2003 and 2006. ULAS staff recently presented in the book the development of the city in Roman and medieval times, which began about 2000 years ago, after which they nominated the team for the award.

Findings show that there was once a vibrant and colorful settlement here, and archaeologists have also unearthed mosaics and frescoes. The discoveries also revealed that there was a vital connection between the contemporary city of Leicester and other areas of the Roman Empire, as people settled in the area from afar.

The researchers also found the remains of the lost medieval parish church of St. Peter and St. Nicholas. The buildings were demolished about 500 years ago, and nearly 1,600 graves were found near them.

Leicester is one of the most explored cities in Great Britain, it is an honor to share the results of our work with a wide audiencesaid Matthew Morris, project lead. Also, he added, the investigations provide insight into the city’s past.

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