An infected person is found in New Zealand, nearly two million people have to stay home

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They are still investigating where the coronavirus infection might have been detected by the New Zealand man, who was discovered during testing as an employee at a cold store in Auckland. The case is surprising because local health experts have not seen any sign of the infection spreading locally for 102 days and the person has not visited abroad.

It also emerged that two of the family members of the injured man had attended a tourist center called Rotorua while they had symptoms, and that a third relative went to work, also with symptoms. Three of his colleagues have since shown a suspected infection, the company has closed and tests have begun.

On hearing the news, many people went shopping, for example, to this supermarket called “New World”.Photo: DAVID ROWLAND / AFP

Then Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern decided to tighten the epidemiological restrictions. As of Wednesday noon, 1.7 million people in Auckland can only leave their homes in very excused circumstances. The new rules are due to take effect by Friday. Reuters writes, Police are also prepared to slow down traffic in Auckland in the suburbs, thereby preventing the crowds from leaving the city until the measure is carried out.

They also postponed the dissolution of Parliament, which is necessary to open up the campaign period. New Zealanders are due to vote on September 19, but they may postpone the election until November 21. The largest opposition party has already proposed delaying the elections.

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