An indication – in the meantime – the prime minister of New Zealand has been kicked out of the café over pandemic rules

It seems that the epidemiological measures in New Zealand are being taken very seriously, as if the prime minister himself wanted to enter a cafe,

But even he was kicked out, because according to the rules, a certain number of people could be in public at a time, and the cafe was already full.

But everyone can rest assured that Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and his partner, Clark Gifford, were finally able to spend their lunch as the place became vacant over time (what a coincidence). A friend of the Prime Minister took charge of this, thinking his job was to reserve a table.

Restrictive measures have been relaxed recently in New Zealand, but the rule remains that people should keep their distance, thus limiting the capacity of restaurants and collectors as well. Only one new patient has been reported on the island since Thursday, and more than 1,400 of the nearly 1,500 registered patients have already recovered, with only 21 people in the country dying from the coronavirus so far. Schools in New Zealand could also reopen soon, but the prime minister says the pandemic has already caused severe economic damage to the country and they are facing a harsh winter.

By the way, once the Hungarian Prime Minister faced a similar situation, he had to wait at the doctor’s office, and fortunately the Hungarians are not as selfish as the kiwi, and The first man in the country was released.

(Sky News)

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