An indication – abroad – the United States has sent a warship to the Taiwan Strait

The missile destroyer USS John S McCain was sent to the Taiwan Strait after China provoked the island nation several times recently, he writes CNN.

The warship was originally stationed in Japan, but is now dispatched by the US Navy near Chinese shores.

According to the US Navy, this is just a routine patrol.

Spokesman Joe Kelly said that, however, he also carries a message that the United States remains committed to freedom and openness in the Pacific and Indian Oceans.

Incidentally, the Americans regularly send warships into the strait, although China views this as a provocation or a violation of its waters.

In 2020, their warships patrol the island 13 times.

Earlier this year, they actually made a trip to Taiwan, when USS Curtis Wilbur sailed across the strait, along with John S. McCain.

Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said last week that US ships would continue to patrol the area during Joe Biden’s rule. He said that there is a “strong and long-standing bilateral commitment” between the United States and Taiwan, and serious interest in preserving it and protecting the island nation will continue.

Americans were in the spirit of this last week warned Also China due to its more recent and more aggressive policy towards the neighboring island country.

The Beijing government continues Its own sovereignty Taiwan is considered, despite the fact that the island has had its own government for more than seven decades since the end of the Chinese Civil War. Their fighter jets invaded Taiwan’s airspace several times recently.

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