An important decision has been made in Israel, the Hungarians who live there can be happy

An important decision has been made in Israel, the Hungarians who live there can be happy

Israel also constantly monitors the epidemiological situation and is generally among the first responders, this time lifting the ban list.

Israel will lift the travel ban list, Israelis will be able to travel anywhere and not be required to go into a seven-day quarantine if they have a valid vaccination card, Yedio newspaper reported Thursday, Ahronot reported.

The blacklist included the United States, which was considered particularly affected, and seven other countries declared at risk of contracting the coronavirus, which were denied entry. But Nahman As, director of the Health Ministry, also announced the lifting of that restriction on Thursday.

It was also stated that the current high Israeli infection rates no longer make sense to discriminate against the United States, the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, Ethiopia, Turkey, Tanzania and Switzerland.

As he explained to Public Service Radio, this was explained by the fact that less than five percent of the 72,000 active patients with the current coronavirus had contracted the infection overseas.

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The decision will enter into force from midnight after a vote on it by members of the government. Returnees to Israel must submit a valid negative test before boarding the plane and take another test at Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv upon arrival in Israel.

In addition to relief, the ministry stressed that it is still not recommended to travel abroad because many countries are more infected than Israel. The ban on visiting several countries, including Hungary, was already lifted on Monday.

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Source: MTI

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