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An explanation is expected as to why Budapest was not reported on March 15

Mayor Vergis Budapest expects an explanation from Mayor Jirjeli Caraxoni as to why national flags are not showing up on public places, bridges and main roads in Budapest on March 15, during the national holiday.

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Fidesz in Budapest announced on its Facebook page on Wednesday that Zsolt Láng, the main Fidesz-KDNP faction leader, had written a letter to the mayor on the matter.

The politician’s message, posted on the community page, was shocked when I found that for the first time since the regime change in 1990, major roads, public places, or bridges were not marked on National Day. “In addition to our national health welfare, this omission also violates the law,” said Zolt Lange, adding that in many left-wing districts the Hungarian national flag did not appear on the town hall.

Zsolt Láng stated that the mayor’s obligation provided by law to display the Hungarian national flag on major roads, public squares and bridges in Budapest on March 15. He explained that this was stated in the municipal decree regarding the capital’s flag.

Jirgili Caraxoni is also expected to answer whether he is responsible and the consequences of the violation, as the Budapest administration does not comply with its own legislation, and how it expects anyone to follow the law.

Nowadays, you deal a lot with the political life and interests of the United States. What do you think would happen to the mayor of Washington if the American flag was not displayed in the capital on Independence Day? Zsolt Láng finished his letter.

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