An error occurred in the data for those who received the second vaccination

An error occurred in the data for those who received the second vaccination

she was Report congestion, and other anomalies about government data released in relation to the coronavirus. Something could happen today. wed it mentionedThe number of second vaccinations received 2 million and 599 thousand. ma bear tight And the number is 2585 thousand. That is, their number decreased by 14,000 in one day.

We asked the government about the reason for the error and they did not respond yet but they contacted yesterday’s announcement. That number was simply reduced by about 40,000, so it is now clear from yesterday’s announcement that 2,559,041 people had received their second vaccination in that time. However, the update is not mentioned.

We are updating!

The government responded at noon: “Yesterday, the second vaccination number was incorrectly displayed in the morning announcement. 2,599,041 was shown instead of 2,559,041. We apologize for the spelling. Details of the second vaccination were incorrectly announced by Cecilia Muller. At the Operations Staff Press Conference yesterday. The data has been corrected, and an improved version of yesterday’s announcement is available on the website.”

The number of people who received the first vaccine increased slightly: yesterday’s figure was 4 million 392 thousand, and today’s figure was 4 million 420 thousand.

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