Nívódíjat kapott az InfoRádió munkatársa

An employee of InfoRádió was awarded a level award

Caplar was unable to appear at the awards ceremony held at the University of Physical Education conference on Wednesday as part of the Sports Press Conference, while Simon’s widow, Simon’s widow, received his work award.

Gabor Ambros, Head of MTI’s Sports Editorial Bureau, former Secretary-General of MSÚSZ, Gábor Bruckner, founder and editor-in-chief of utanpotlassport.hu, and Samo Cinta, the Transylvanian journalist and former editor-in-chief of Krónika, got half. Awards

István Gyulai Award accepted by Emese Bera, Hungarian Radio; László Bóbics, Zalai Hírlap employee, Mariann Horváth, Eurosport commentator; Zoltán Kádár is a radio sports journalist from Marosvásárhely and Dávid Somlóvári, editor-in-chief of Nemzeti Sport Online. Photographer Sandor Fehr also received this recognition.

The Bence Lázár Award, co-founded by MSÚSZ and Sport TV, was first received by Attila Borsos, professional commentator for Sport TV Handball.

The Joseph Farkas Prize, also awarded for the first time, was awarded to Miklos Szabo, photojournalist for Nemzeti Sport, and Zolt Varga, former photojournalist at Képes Sport and Sportfogadó.

Barnabas Balotay, an employee at Origo, won the Young Sports Journalist of the Year award.

Dávid Kaposi received a Level Award for his interview with Amália Sterbinszky on InfoRádió; Zsolt Sütő Nagy for his book The Game Always Wins; Máté Szabó for his No Ball showing on Sport TV; Attila Szalay is a cartoonist from Vojvodina due to his drawings of Giula Grossex and Franz Beckenbauer in the national sport. Sports photographer Anna Szilaji for her photograph taken at the Budapest World Swimming Championships and Barna Zoldos, a National Sports employee, for her series on Niki Lauda’s life story, published in the appendix appendix

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Our colleague, Dávid Kaposi, who received the MSÚSZ Level Award for his interview with Amália Sterbinszky on InfoRádió.

Opening image: MSÚSZ

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