An Egyptian eagle flew to England

An Egyptian eagle flew to England

For the first time in more than 150 years, an Egyptian vulture was seen in the wild in the UK, he writes BBC. Experts believe that the animal came from northern France to the Isles of Scilly off the southwest coast of England. Stuart BierhopeAccording to the University of Exeter ecologist, if the specimen can be shown to be terrestrial, it could be the first similar specimen in the island nation since 1868.

There are currently approximately 40 bird watchers on the Isles of Scilly trying to find the rare guest. The eagle was first seen at Peninnis Head on Monday.

In the UK, this species has been documented twice in the wild, once in 1825 in Somerset and once in 1868 in Essex.

Bearhop highlights: This is a very rare note. The expert added that more people are likely to travel to the islands to see the bird, as a similar animal is seen in the area once every century.

Brice Cera / Getty Images

The Egyptian vulture is also found in parts of France and Spain. Bierhope said the sample may have come from France and may have been confused during its migration.

The number of known types of Egyptian hieroglyphs is also steadily declining. The peculiarity of the animal is that it is the only predatory bird that has been observed using equipment during hunting operations.

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