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An audio recording of Trump admitting to taking classified documents from the White House

An audio recording of Trump admitting to taking classified documents from the White House

June 1, 2023 – 2:46 PM

Federal prosecutors have obtained an audio recording from the summer of 2021 in which Donald Trump admits to having several classified Pentagon documents about a possible attack on Iran. CNN.

Several sources familiar with the investigation said the recording showed Trump knew he was taking classified documents home.

In the audio recording, the former president admits that he cannot talk about its content in detail because it is encrypted.

The meeting, which was recorded, took place at the Trump Golf Club in New Jersey. Trump’s former chief of staff, Mark Meadows, was there at the time, along with people the former president had hired, including communications specialist Margo Martin. Those present did not have security clearances allowing them to access classified information. Meadows reportedly did not participate in the leaked conversation.

Last summer, the FBI found more than 700 pages of classified documents in one of Donald Trump’s properties. The Trumps are defending themselves by saying that the president has the right to declassify classified and classified documents. Their other argument is that during Trump’s presidency, he specifically provided all documents that were taken out of the White House to his homes and properties to be automatically declassified, so According to the Trump camp There can be no question of abuse.

Last year, the FBI not only found documents with Trump that will remain the property of the White House, but also classified documents from his vice president, Mike Pence, and the current president, Joe Biden.

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