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He is 80 years old Bob Thatcher He hunted quietly, but in Australia, the home of many dangerous animals, it is also worth looking for such seemingly calm moments. This is how the man sees it While hunting, he noticed that a snake had entered his boat. The specimen was the tiger snake, one of the most venomous snakes in the world, whose sting could soon be fatal.

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Posted by ABC landline On Tuesday 4 May 2021

Bob says he didn’t recognize him at first because he found himself facing him, and he thought the animal was a strange being, he writes I wake up when I wake up The snake was already about 30 inches from its feet He gave his tongue. There was nowhere to pull back from the boat, which was more than ten miles offshore.

The man fled He threw his jacket at the snake, turned on the engine and headed toward the beach. Meanwhile, he called his son, who alerted the authorities. It took him 30 minutes to reach shore – if he had ever had a snake bite during that time, he wouldn’t survive. The hunter was lucky after all, as tiger snakes have caused numerous deaths in eastern Australia in recent years.

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