An American teenager sells Merrillette pizza through a food ordering app, and its service is usually rated 5 stars

An American teenager sells Merrillette pizza through a food ordering app, and its service is usually rated 5 stars

In order to create the appearance of professionalism, he even made his own pizza boxes for work, and then, in a less professional move, revealed his own business model on TikTok.

An American teen foodie, who beat TikTok not only with a video showcasing his own business model, but also a food ordering app called DoorDash – where, according to his own admission, though, its service is rated five stars, sells Merrillite pizzas purchased at Walmart has baked it in his home kitchen with a food ordering app, with couriers often complaining about its slow pace anyway.

on TikTok Caden Buff A teenager who lives in the United States and gives him the name share it On social media and since then also by the Daily Dot inserted section

Which has been played more than 4 million times in a few days and has been liked by nearly 600,000 people.

Tweet embed Sell ​​Walmart Frozen Pizza on DoorDash🍕 # O Lord # O Lord # pioneer # O Lord # chat # Dora_Al Qiyadah ♬ original sound – chalabanta

“I ordered a set of pizza boxes with our logo because we need to look professional. Then I went to Walmart to buy all kinds of frozen pizzas,” says the teenager, who wears a baseball cap on a hoodie at the beginning of the video, showing the boxes Pizza shoots him, then drops it. Then he robs a convenience store refrigerator while a woman screams who wants to buy a Merillette pizza herself.

Then he talked about how, after installing the hardware he had received from DoorDash, he visited the parking lot of the local branch of Domino’s, one of America’s most famous pizza chains – armed with a pizza box and a loudspeaker, as evidenced by the photos – to lure a few hungry customers away from the competition .

We started taking orders quickly, but DoorDash drivers were pissed off at how long it took. But in the end, everyone somehow left a five-star rating for the pizza, so I guess it worked

– Concluding the video featuring the success story, in the comments section all hell broke out as if someone had diarrhea from a pizza ordered by Caden.

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“However, it may be illegal. This is a kind of trademark infringement,” stated one of the criticisms that warned the teenager that he could be sued for it. But there were also those who objected that what the teenager was doing was unhealthy: “Everything is fun and laughed until the health inspector appears,” said an angry commentator.

DoorDash’s official TikTok account added the following to the video in the form of a comment: “We’re asking for our legal department.”

But others praised Kaden for his “cool” side job. One commenter wrote: “This guy lives in the future.” “This guy is a genius. Another wrote: I loved the pizza box cover and the art, it looks great and I will buy a pizza from you.”

The teenager later explained in his email to the portal that he “basically made the video as a joke” and to show people that ghost kitchens are becoming more common, but not enough for customers..a well-known phenomenon.

Based on the Daily Dot’s description, “ghost kitchen” refers to restaurants that you can only order from, because for the sake of cost-efficiency, they don’t have a dining area.

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