An American mother announces her daughter's doctorate on a huge billboard

An American mother announces her daughter’s doctorate on a huge billboard

Kendra Busby, who is raising her two children alone, was proud of her daughter’s performance over a busy highway.

Kendra Busby She felt like the happiest mother in the world after her daughter, Kristen Smalls He received his Ph.D.

The New Jersey mom wanted to tell everyone how proud she was of her daughter, so she hired a billboard to announce her daughter’s doctorate – Writes CBS.

Busby has two children whom she raises alone in Camden. Her daughter said she thought her mother was planning a party or a simple dinner for the occasion. He was completely surprised when he saw himself on a busy highway.

A small bulletin board shows him celebrating the title with a smile, so his mother wrote him a nickname, Dr. Smiles, as well as a letter to the townspeople.

Look what good things come from Camden!

He wrote that Camden is one of the most dangerous cities in the country.

She told CBS News that she never thought it would be her gift, but that she thinks it’s “cool,” and hopes that when people pass by the poster, they will be moved by the message.

This is very important because usually only negative things are asked about Camden. I would like people to realize that there are also very good things in our society

Smalls said.

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