An airline that offers sleeping cabins might charge $600 for sweet dreams above the clouds

New Zealand’s national carrier, Air New Zealand, is outfitting its latest Boeing aircraft with bunk beds.

New Zealand’s national carrier charges NZD400 to NZ$600 — that’s 86,000 to 129,000 forints — for four hours per six-person bunk bed cabin, the first sleeper cabin in the history of economy classes.

Watchman a report According to Air New Zealand, this week it presented a prototype of sleeping cabins called Skynest, that is, Sky Nest, and what changes need to be made to the aircraft due to the new cabins. The bunk beds, which make the flying experience more comfortable, will be available from September 2024 onwards.

The beds will be right next to the changing table, and passengers trying to take a nap in the air will be spaced a few feet apart. Although the booths will not be lockable, each will be outfitted with its own partition curtain for a peaceful rest.

Of course, those looking for comfort will also have their own pillows, blankets and bed sheets – which will be provided to all new passengers looking to take a nap.

And if sleeping passengers are not awakened by the dim bright lights at the end of the four-hour period, staff will wake them up, according to the airline announcement.

According to the plans, the passenger can only use the sleeper cabin once in the flight, so those who sleep eight hours on the plane will be rudely awakened.

Another important rule is that only one person can use the cabin at a time – so parents traveling with children or couples wishing to recharge cannot sleep in the cabin together.

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Meanwhile, the airline’s director of customer relations and sales, Leanne Geraghty According to the exact rules of the cabins and announced prices have not yet been determined.

Sleeping cabins will make their debut on the airline’s very long-haul flights, such as Oakland-New York, or Oakland-Chicago, which take more than 15 hours to fly. The cabins will be offered on the airline’s eight new Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners, which will arrive in the country from 2024.

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