An air pollution warning has been announced for the East Coast of the United States due to a lot of wildfires on the West Coast

An air pollution warning has been issued in several cities on the east coast of the United States, blanketed in smoke from massive wildfires that have raged on the west coast.

Strong winds swept the smoke of devastating power fires in California, Nevada, Oregon and Montana to the east coast, and enveloped the states of New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania in a cloud of smoke.


More than 80 wildfires are destroying the West Coast, the largest state in Oregon, covering more than 1,600 square miles. Wildfires are also burning in the Sierra Nevada region of California, Washington. In New Jersey and Pennsylvania, New York on Wednesday called on pregnant women with respiratory and cardiovascular problems to stay home. The air pollution warning will remain in effect through Thursday.


This phenomenon is unusual because smoke affects large areas of the United States. Not only in some places, but many states on the East Coast, said Jesse Berman, a researcher in the Department of Public Health at the University of Minnesota.

According to satellite images, smoke from the US fortified fires is also rising in Canada. This is the second year that bushfire smoke on the West Coast has also covered the East Coast. (MTI)

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