Among the focal points, only the United States continued in the third wave of the Coronavirus

It took two weeks for the average daily number of 400,000 infections to rise to 500,000 in the world, so the effect of the third wave is now very clear.

Among the geographic regions that are major focal points, the United States continues to see a slight decrease in the number of cases. Once again, the coronavirus epidemic is accelerating rapidly in India and Western Europe, as well as in Latin America and Central and Eastern Europe. In the last two places, the curve of the epidemic is close to the peaks traversed in the second wave.

western Europe From its large countries, the situation is deteriorating in Germany and France, while the British and Spanish have somewhat controlled the epidemic. The Belgian and Dutch epidemiological curves are on the rise, with the fourth wave in the latter country.

Among the V4 countries, the epidemiological situation in Poland and Hungary is getting worse, but in our wider region, the virus is spreading more strongly in Ukraine, Romania, Serbia and Austria.

The spread is accelerating in almost all major Latin American countries: in Brazil, the number of cases in the daily reports is increasing dramatically, but the epidemic curves in Chile, Peru and Argentina have also increased. In the Far East, which is also very successful in managing epidemics, we also find densely populated countries where the spread of the coronavirus is increasing. Examples include Bangladesh, Pakistan and the Philippines.

The image above was captured by our world map, which shows the change in every country over the past two weeks. As you can see, Europe, India and Latin America are once again ashamed.

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