Among the 55 starters, 33 individual summits and 7 podium places - News of the Southern Great Plain

Among the 55 starters, 33 individual summits and 7 podium places – News of the Southern Great Plain

XXXVI. Bácsvíz Swimming Cup Competition, 24-25 April 2021. Kecskemét – Kiskunhalas swimmers participated in the two-day Bácsvíz Cup in Kecskemét over the weekend. Waiting for the opportunity to compete more enthusiastically than usual, as their preparation had to be suspended for about two and a half weeks for precautionary reasons and illness.

Starting on the Tuesday after Easter, this period was followed by 3 weeks of work and the kids were able to get back to work very quickly. Máté Fülöp spread his wings as a nearly junior rookie, spawned 4 odd peaks from his four beginnings, of which the particular interest in the 50-meter race was that the boys would have been in the first and second ranks of the podium 5 hundredths of a second ahead of Benjamin Toth, had it not been Judging them. In addition to the parents, Attila Novotny and Kristóf Csontos are also proud of the team for being so close-knit and working together.
Of the 55 swimmers’ startups prepared with the support of the municipality of Kiskunhalas and Merckebau I visited, 33 individual summits, 7 podium finishes, and 14 scoring places were created.


Podium and places of scoring:

Parlógó Hunor (2011): 1 gold – 200 m butterfly, 2 silver – 50 m butterfly, 100 m back, 1 bronze – 100 m butterfly,
Small skillet (2010): 1 golden – 50m back, 6th place – 200m chest,
Shamil Edna (2011): 1 silver – 50m return, 6th place – 100m speed, seventh place – 200m speed,
Benjamin Toth (2008): 1 bronze – 200m butterfly, 7th place – 100m butterfly, 50m butterfly,
Sörös Damján (2011): 7th place – 50m speed, 8th place – 200m breast, 100m breast, 50m breast,
Noa Orbán (2010): 8th place – at 100 meters,
Áron Bereczi (2007): 7th place – 50m return,
Matte Fulop (2008): 8th place – 50m Butterfly,
Laszlo David (2008): 8th place – 100m breast,

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Total: 2 Gold, 3 Silver, 2 Bronze, 14 points

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