Among other things, Japan will not send diplomats to the Beijing Olympics

Among other things, Japan will not send diplomats to the Beijing Olympics

Japanese politicians will also not travel for the Winter Olympics in Beijing on February 4.

Japanese government spokesman Makuno Hirokazu announced on Friday that his delegation will be accompanied by three sports diplomats: Jamasita Yasuhiro and Mori Kazagoki, president of the Japanese Olympic and Paralympic Committee, and Hasimoto Szeko, president of the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee.

When asked about the reasons, Makunu did not explain their decision as a diplomatic boycott, but he made similar arguments.

“The Olympic and Paralympic Games are a celebration of peace and sport that gives the world courage,” he said. He added that a direct explanation was given to the Chinese regulators that ensuring the values ​​of the global and international community, including freedom and human rights, is of paramount importance to them.

Earlier, several countries indicated that they would not send diplomats to the Beijing Olympics for political reasons. The United States, Britain, Canada, New Zealand and Australia have also complained about China’s continued human rights abuse, primarily criticizing the hosts of the upcoming Winter Olympics for its suppression of the Uyghur minority. From the start, China has categorically rejected and described the accusations against it as a political decision.

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