America's midterm elections: we have to wait a few days for the final results

America’s midterm elections: we have to wait a few days for the final results

Today, Monday, a White House spokesman indicated that the results of the midterm elections will not be announced on election day, and that the final results will wait for a few days.

Karen Jean-Pierre He announced at the press conference held the day before the election: not all the winners of the election will be known for a few more days, because it takes time to count all the valid votes in a legal and proper way. According to MTI, he added that the president himself Joe Biden iHe spoke on Sunday. At the same time, the spokesperson also said that Joe Biden is expected to deliver a speech on the election results on Wednesday.

And Monday evening, the last day before the election, Joe Biden participated in the Democratic campaign event in Maryland, near the capital, while his predecessor, Donald Trump In Ohio, he asked for voter support for Republicans.

Before the official voting day on Nov. 8, approximately 42.67 million people have already voted in person or by mail, according to the NBC Elections page. The American election system broadly allows for advance voting, but its duration and method are regulated differently in each federal state.

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