Americans deploy corps in Poland

During the 2017 NATO exercises in Bulgaria, Georgian infantry troops will land on a Greek helicopter. At the NATO summit in Madrid, US President Joe Biden announced the strengthening of the alliance’s eastern front

Photo: Andras Király

Joe Biden said at the opening of the military alliance summit in Madrid, that the United States will significantly strengthen the eastern front line of NATO. Vladimir Putin broke the peace in Europe. And the United States and its allies are wearing the gauntlet, to prove that NATO is needed more than ever, and more important than ever,” the US President said.

  • creation of a permanent headquarters in Poland for the Fifth Corps of the US Land Forces;
  • A rotary brigade was deployed in Romania;
  • two centuries of F-35s deployed in Britain;
  • strengthening their patrol forces in the Baltic states;
  • Two naval destroyers will be deployed to Spain, where six of their destroyers will now be stationed;
  • Air defense units are deployed in Germany and Italy.

A legion is a smaller military unit than an army, which still usually consists of at least two divisions. 2nd Armored Battalion, 41st Camp Fire Brigade, and 12th Flying Brigade under the 5th Corps, reactivated in 2020; It includes the 173rd Airborne Brigade, air defense brigades, training headquarters, logistic battalions, reconnaissance and encryption brigades.

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