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American veterans can testify about extraterrestrial technologies

American veterans can testify about extraterrestrial technologies

A historic hearing is scheduled for July 26 in the US House of Representatives.

A historic hearing on UFOs will take place on July 26 in the US House of Representatives, the paper writes. In America, the issue of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) has recently come to the fore again, and UFOs are officially referred to as Unidentified Atmospheric Phenomena (UAP). Decision makers are primarily concerned that the technologies of foreign countries are behind these sightings, although some do not rule out an extraterrestrial origin either.

Wednesday’s session will be held by the Subcommittee on National Security, Borders and Foreign Affairs.

Former US military and intelligence personnel will testify at the event, with those involved claiming to have contacted objects that defy physics and known flight capabilities, or observed signs of non-human intelligence.

Audition It will be broadcast live From 4 pm Hungarian time.

Before the commission there were two former Navy pilots, Ryan Graves And David Fravor will also appear. Both saw unconventional-looking flying devices operating in US military airspace.

And they will listen too David Grosh Also, a former Pentagon intelligence officer and veteran, previously claimed to have received classified information about classified programs that gained access to intact or partially intact non-man-made machines. Although Grouch’s claims have attracted the attention of the press and politicians, they are highly controversial.

Some members of Congress, incl Tim Burchett The actor has already hinted that there is knowledge about UFOs hidden from the public. “We are bringing in credible witnesses who can testify publicly because the American people deserve the truth. We are done with the cover-up,” the politician said of the hearing.

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“If UAPs are of foreign origin, then we need to respond accordingly. If UAPs continue to resist traditional explanations, Graves believes, we need to invest in scientific research.

In June 2023, NASA has already held a public hearing on UFOs. In April, Sean M. Kirkpatrick, director of the Pentagon’s Office of Anomalies, testified before the Senate Armed Services Committee that there was no conclusive evidence of extraterrestrial activity or that the objects in question defied the laws of physics.

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