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American scientists unexpectedly announced the appearance of a UFO in the Andes

American scientists unexpectedly announced the appearance of a UFO in the Andes

The photo shows an object that appears to be glowing orange hidden behind clouds, taken by a family while hiking in the Andes in 2010. The National Aeronautical Reporting Center (NARCAP), which investigates anomalous phenomena, investigated the sighting that same year, but was unable to find An explanation for this phenomenon. Scientists are now addressing the issue again as part of a new documentary. This film attempts to explain strange phenomena.

“This object is truly unidentified, so it is a real UFO,” said a physicist at the University at Albany.

The photo was taken during the day on Sunday, NARCAP reports The sun shines through white clouds, and to the left we see a band of reddish clouds surrounding a “solid” orange-colored glowing object with “interesting surface details.”

The photo dates back to February 14, 2010, when a couple and their one-year-old daughter spent the day at El Yeso Reservoir. The mother took 16 photos of the stunning valley and the sky above, then returned home and noticed red clouds with the object.

Chilean UFO in the cloudsSource: RF Haines

The Chilean government shared the image with NARCAP, an advisory body of aviation experts who investigate unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP) and aviation safety. Ted Rowe, the organization’s president, analyzed the photo at length and published a 23-page report on July 2, 2010.

Rowe appeared on “The Proof is Out There” where he said: “The object does not appear to have been included in the image, so we are dealing with an unidentified aerial phenomenon.”

According to the report, part of the UAP is obscured by cirrocumulus or cirrocumulus, making it difficult to assess the true size of the UAP. However, NARCAP believes the object could be more than 60 meters long.

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Imaginative computer drawing of a UFO (illustration)Source: Photonstop via AFP

Rowe also examined the image using red, green, and blue color filters to see the distribution of light. The red and green wavelengths gave the UAP more detail and definition than blue, but the upper edge of the object was visible in all three colors, “as if it were illuminated by some kind of light source,” the report said.

A pixel distortion test was also performed, where the image was enlarged to the point where individual pixels became visible. Thus they tried to find out whether the image was created in the sky or was inserted afterward. “No brightness distortion or spatial offset was detected indicating that the UAP was not present when the image was captured,” Rowe concluded in the report.

Ilisu Reservoir (right) and its surroundingsSource: Wikipedia

Now, 13 years later, the mysterious Andean case has been reopened for reexamination.

In the episode “The Proof is Out There,” astronomer and video effects designer Mark De Antonio explains that the strange formation may be the result of a prism effect.

This effect occurs when the sun collides with ice crystals in the atmosphere, creating a stunning rainbow. “In my opinion, this is what we see in the picture,” Di Antonio said.

If we divide the image into two parts, the sun is on one side and the object is on the other side. The distance between the central frame and the body is the same. The probability of an object being at exactly the same distance from the Sun is very low, unless there is a lens flare.

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Lens flare occurs when strong light hits the camera lens and creates artifacts.

But not all experts agree with Di Antonio. Meteorologist Juan Hernandez of the National Weather Service said: “Even though I’m not a photography expert, it doesn’t feel like we’re dealing with an artifact of the camera.”

Enlarged image of the UFOSource: RF Haines

Most artifacts appear as lines, but the UAP is disk-shaped. A likely explanation for the reddish color in any clouds is the setting sun, but we were in mid-sun when the photo was taken, Hernandez said.

Another expert, physicist Matthew Sedagis of the University at Albany, also sides with Hernandez.

“I agree with the conclusion reached by the NARCAP report that this object is not actually known and is therefore a true UFO.”

Harris told that this statement does not mean that extraterrestrials are involved. It simply means “faceless”.

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