American rapper Hres helps the Hungarian tennis player

After the Brazilian championship, Hungarian tennis player Bana Udvardi will reach the Austrian championship as soon as possible. At a previous tournament in Newport Bridge, fellow American Redvaux, who played tennis, liked Bana’s performance and provided financial assistance.

“This sponsorship is good, only 1000-2000 USD (320-640 thousand fort, ed.) per week will go to the coach, Then I didn’t talk about travel, commuting and travel expenses,” says Panna Udvardy of Borsnak. – English in competitions and coach in exercises.

He is proud of his WTA Top 100 with his success in the Brazilian Championship and is looking forward to winning the 2022 Australian Championship for the 96th edition.

“Australia is not good,” says Udvardi, who is resting for a long day and then heads to Florida again on Sunday, where he will train until midnight. “He is back home in Salem, and is here until December 27.

Udvardi Bana is in troubleSource: panna_udvardy / Instagram

“I am organizing my trip to Australia in the meantime, due to COVID we will be moving the race to Melbourne with charter flights from all over the world. – I chose Dubai, and I hope the situation will not be difficult. “

Of course, he heard that Novak Djokovic of Serbia is still reluctant to vaccinate himself, in which case he will be required to self-quarantine for two hours. 20-30 stems from the field are not immune, so they may not surface, which improves the chances of bana. Not to mention Bondr Annrl, who is ranked 91st on the WTA roster and is in Melbourne.

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