American newspaper: Hungary is a decent place, as was the United States, but it has gone mad

Rod Dreyh A American conservative He wrote on his page that the biggest problem with LGBTQ awakened propaganda is their insatiable appetite. If lawmakers are to stand in the way of the ideologies’ excesses, comprehensive and aggressive legislation will be needed, he writes. Mandarin.

From the author’s current residence in Budapest, the United States seems to be a place of extremes, while American media and Washington politics love to present Hungary as a fascist state. However, Hungary, and Budapest in particular, is liberal enough for gay couples to walk hand in hand, and public safety in general is very good. Hungary is a “normal” place in the sense that the United States was before it lost its mind.

If an American visits Central Europe today, he will experience the madness that has taken root in his country

– writes the author.

At the end of his article, Rod Dreher says: Conservative politicians have to make a decision and either follow Viktor Orbán, who staunchly represents families and common sense, or submit to the will of LGBTQ advocates who blow bubbles in children’s faces.

The full article here You can read it.

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