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American money and Bajnai’s close friend in the left campaign of MZP

American money and Bajnai's close friend in the left campaign of MZP

Before the election, he sided with Peter Markie G., and his former close friend was able to financially help the campaign of the domestic left through an American organization – Gordon Bagnay seems to continue to exert a serious influence on domestic politics. We’ve looked into the details!

“In Hungary, foreign forces and financiers are basically behind the whole opposition movement, don’t you think? Who are these forces? This is part of the Soros empire, let’s put it this way. The other part is the big capital groups, mainly Germany and the United States , who want to impress here. I think so

This guy is Gordon. Now, not in the bad sense of the word”

Giola Gansberger, also implicated in the city council scandal, said in a leaked audio recording. Recent developments seem to confirm the opinion of former CEO of Wallis, who may have known Gordon Bagnay well. At least with regard to foreign, and especially American, support for the left.

Peter Markie Zee, the joint opposition candidate for prime minister who failed on April 3, recently Advertise in a podcastThe Movement for Hungary, led by him, received significant support from Action for American Democracy. The NGO, made up of “civilians” fearful of democracy, officially aided MMM with funds as a civic initiative, but actually interfered with the election campaign, with MMM bidding to become a political organization behind the list leader after the primaries’ results. It is likely that the prosecutor’s office and the court will decide whether this logical conclusion is legally valid following the report of Stefan Tiné, who suspected illegal funding of a foreign campaign.

Back to Bagner: When the former prime minister, who left the business world in 2010, started his activity in Hungarian public life again a few years later, he also “opened” on a civic initiative, like the MZP. This was the Haza és Haladás Foundation, which later continued to exist as an association, which was also granted to a large extent by foreign donors, including organizations associated with György Soros, but among the supporters appeared an organization called the Center for American Progress, which emerged Contemporary The press has been interpreted as having become the backcountry of democracy Hillary Clinton’s main sponsor of Bagnat. This is it

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Essentially, they started funding the ex-prime minister’s return from abroad.

“Then in 2012, when the national cooperation system started to emerge, there was a lot of pressure on me to come back with the political capital that I had gained.” – Bajnai said in an interview.

Officially, the head of the establishment, who was supposed to provide the current government with expert advice and suggestions, but in fact helped lay the groundwork for the hoped-for change of government, soon found himself in the mainstream of the election campaign. Although the original effort was unsuccessful, as Bagnai, who was already trying in colors to form Igyot at the time, did not become the “civilian” prime ministerial candidate aiming to unite opposition parties outside Jobik, after failing in 2014, the former prime minister withdrew once again. However, through his network of contacts and positions, he has been involved in shaping the Hungarian Left ever since. According to an earlier article in Magyar Nemzet, one of the important nodes of the network supporting him is the lobby organization ECFR, that is, the European Council on Foreign Relations, in which Giorgi Soros and his son Alexander also appeared.

Recently, during the primaries, he sided with Gergeli Karaxone, to whom 99 Mozgalma still owes due to public accounting for donations. Thus, we can still count on the announcement of Marki Zay, who spoke about spending five hundred million HUF. So far, we don’t know where this came from, but it is democracy work Anyway, among the local initiatives it supports as with Print it too! Also an initiative publicly embraced by the MZP.

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After the mayor of Hódmezővásárhhhly mysteriously ordered the mayor behind him, he became regent for the change of government. And when he was in London, Gordon Bagnay had a long discussion with him. MZP member Olga Kalman testified in her book Szeretemország about the period after the fall of Gyurcsány in 2009: “They gave way to the very talented Gordon Bagnai, a minority government, to fix what they had corrupted. […] The Bagnai government managed to manage the unsustainable situation, abolished the thirteenth monthly pension, began to regulate public finances, and introduced austerity measures. […] As an economist, I considered the measures put forward by the Bagnai government quite appropriate, as they should be implemented anyway.”

MZP, inexperienced in international politics but with American relations, Bajnai may have helped him on his way to England.

However, the parties did not provide information on this.

He is one of the leaders and executive director of Action for Democracy David KouraniIn addition to many other duties, he is a senior advisor to Gergeli Karaksoni, but was previously a very close associate of Gordon Bagnai: in 2009, the then Prime Minister appointed Kourani, who was active in the MSZP, as the chief foreign policy advisor.

Kourani accompanied his President to the general debate of the 64th session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York, where the Prime Minister met with prominent partners such as the President and CEO of JP Morgan and Rockefeller, as well as the President of Citigroup, György Soros and Nancy Brinker, the former US ambassador to Budapest. In fact, they even reached out to the editors of the Wall Street Journal, after which, according to reports, Bajnai paid homage to political scientist Charles Gatti – who has now also appeared at the helm of Action for Democracy.

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“I didn’t know, but I’m so glad they paid for our lunch” Peter Marche-Zay answered a Mediaworks-Hírcentrum question in March, when it was revealed that Gordon Bajnai and former Secret Service minister, Ádám Ficsor’s company, DatAdat, could pay one of his restaurant bills. At least according to press reports. Márki-Zay previously admitted that Bajnai helped his campaign, but to his knowledge, the company has also worked with DK and Gergely Karácsony. He was not wrong about that. Details about DatData’s activities over here You can read.

From all this it follows that the government, which has a large network of foreign contacts and trusts the change of government since 2010, sometimes even actively contributes to it.

Gordon Bagnay may have been a prominent aide and confidant of the opposition campaign prior to April 3, and David Kuranyi can confirm the influence of his former boss at Budapest City Hall.

All this is further complicated by the fact that key figures in the governments led by Bajnai and his predecessor, Ferenc Gyurcsany, are not unemployed either through the group of international companies associated with him.

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