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American flavors are here – and you don’t have to go far for them

American flavors are here – and you don’t have to go far for them

The mood is relaxed, and the music is loud. It attracts you to feel sharpness, looseness and freedom at the same time. Am I in America? Yes and no. Not in terms of specific location, after all, Nagymező and Ó utca are not located in any outside city, but in terms of the feeling of life and spirit. Hard Rock Hotel Budapest By browsing the offerings of Sessions Restaurant, I could be in the United States.

I went to the Budapest location, which opened three years ago, because of the new menu that recently debuted. the Sessions Admittedly, after taking a sharp turn, he headed down another road, abandoning the previous vision of the hotel and restaurant to head in a specific direction. To America.

Responsibility for management falls to Sandor Pinter, who returned to Hungary after twelve years working abroad, and then studied the operation of out-of-house restaurants at the Hard Rock Hotel (or others) in Atlantic City and New York.

He has compiled the list of new sessions, which have been showcasing America in Budapest since September, based on the experiences he has gained, the inspiration he has gathered, as well as his own creativity.

Here, you don’t necessarily have to think about four-story hamburgers, half-pound steaks, and barbecue sides that sleep for days in a smoker, because American cuisine is much more diverse than this, influenced by a great deal of motivation.

– It is difficult to talk about American cuisine in the classical sense, but I came to the conclusion that it is basically the same culture, it consists of several things. I’ve been to Koreatown in New York, which is a completely different world, and I thought why not have some Asian influence on the themed menu. In Chicago, for example, Italian culture is widely present, so I put something from there as well, says the chef, who was free to craft the concept, paying attention to the characteristics of internationally known hard rock.

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There were no “mandatory items” when completing the list, it was completely up to him to bring them home and incorporate them.

By the way, the portions are sometimes large and sometimes smaller, because they believe that the guest does not necessarily want to complete the 40 Decca steak challenge, but wants to try several things.

Therefore, the appetizers were prepared with a sharing nature; Snacks don’t quite fill you up, there’s still plenty of room for extra cocktails, and they provide an opportunity for more socializing. Examples include the modern and exciting confit bonbon, which was added to the menu with red cabbage puree.

A favorite main course is the slow-roasted beef short rib, which in its “former life” appeared on the menu as a side of pork, but Sandor Pinter has replaced it with high-quality beef. How well he did! It’s surprisingly soft, all you have to do is touch it with a fork and it falls apart. As a side dish, it comes with fried leeks, baby carrots, and celery puree — the latter of which I’ve had for four decades as a virgin celery puree that I discovered, one sunny October afternoon, how well it pairs with beef.

An American-themed restaurant that didn’t serve macaroni and cheese would likely be gone for days, so Sessions wasn’t risking that either. -Atlantic City is right next to the ocean, and they eat a lot of lobster out there, so I tried to put a twist on traditional macaroni and cheese. It’s drizzled with lobster sauce, and since I spent several years in Great Britain, where it comes with garlic bread, I added that too – the chef delivers the reimagined story of the great classic.

This elegant Chicago Parmesan Chicken is served as a snack that goes well with cocktails, and is an easy dish thanks to the fresh tomato sauce and Parmesan foam. Sandor Pinter revealed that Chicago for him Served with parmesan bread. The previously mentioned Asian influence is represented by the Korean BBQ Glazed Cauliflower, which represents the meeting of two worlds – you can’t really taste this anywhere else in Budapest.

Sándor Pintér’s hamburger was once awarded the best in Scotland.

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By the way, miniburgers and cocktails can be great partners in the evenings of live music, rock, pop and blues organized by Sessions three times a week. The restaurant can be recommended to those who want to try American cuisine at home in bistro style with modern and elegant elements but in an atmosphere unofficial. But for them too much.

(Photos: Bence Vesely)

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