America: The Tower Had To Sit For Theft - Press Release

America: The Tower Had To Sit For Theft – Press Release

As we reported two weeks ago, Barnabas Tourney was caught shoplifting in the United States last November, pepper. a Hints Now he writes that the football coach had to sit down and also ordered to pay a fine.

Barnabas Tourney was robbed in the US last November (Image: National Sports)

a Hints The Orange County Courthouse Criminal Directorate was informed that in addition to paying bail, the 67-year-old coach received a fine plus two days of confinement.

The case has already been closed. He was sentenced to two days in prison and paid the costs. The first sat, the last paid” Blake writes with reference to criminal directorate documents.

According to information in the tabloid, in addition to the $500 bond (160,000 HUF), Tourney also had to pay $273 (HUF 87,000) to the lawsuit.

Then a six-month story, I have nothing to cover. In the self-propelled area, I did not go to the scanner, but “bypassed” the car to talk with my tennis partner. We stood and talked (it was possible), but immediately a security guard came and told me that he should call a police officer according to the protocol because I didn’t pay. We smiled first, then no. It became a police procedure, American style, difficult, with minutes, and then they were interrogated. I asked to watch the video. The procedure then ended, with a ‘not guilty’ closing. previously mentioned before RangadoHe added that Turney was just a police violation.

However, in a current article by Blikk, citing an official source, he wrote that The security guard was constantly watching over Torn, who was packing his suitcase instead of his shopping cart, pulling only one iced tea at checkout.

Before that, Barnabas Tourney had dealt with law not in the United States, but in Hungary: in 1993, as a coach for the Rába ETO, he mistreated a Nyugati Hirlap journalist, György Vajda, who worked for Nemzeti Sport at all where. Barnabas Tourney was convicted six months after an incident of minor bodily injury.

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