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America, the European Union, and India respond to Chinese pressure with a historic step
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America, the European Union, and India respond to Chinese pressure with a historic step

Reuters coverage and press releases from the European Commission (here And here) Currently, it appears that the United States, the European Union, India, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have adopted a declaration of intent regarding the establishment of the corridor with the aforementioned name, and The following development projects/steps are expected to be implemented:

  • Huge railway and shipping projects are now being launched, linking Europe with the Middle East and India. Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, called the move “of historical importance” in her speech, noting that the railway line alone would accelerate trade between the EU and India by 40%.
  • Expansion of electrical networks and energy projects, as well as new high-speed data cables, are also planned.
  • According to a White House statement, the pipelines extended from Israel will help transport pure hydrogen to Europe.

Throughout the corridor, we plan to stimulate existing trade and manufacturing and strengthen food security and supply chains. The goal of our approach is for partners – including the private sector – to initiate new investments and encourage the creation of good jobs

The White House announced.

The news agency notes that US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan said earlier: The goal is “economic growth, stimulating new investments, and advanced regional integration.” Now, he told reporters at the summit: “We think the project itself is bold and transformative, but the vision behind the project is equally bold and transformative.”

It is worth noting that the Axios news portal reported this previously It is one of Washington’s “major initiatives” aimed at curbing China’s influence in the Middle East. The background to this is that Beijing supports infrastructure projects around the world through the Belt and Road Initiative, and has concluded many agreements with almost all Arab countries.

Reuters notes that the United States and the European Union have long expressed concern that China is strengthening its diplomatic and strategic positions in different regions of the world through the huge project. In addition, supply chains damaged by the coronavirus pandemic have also realized that necessary measures must be taken, and tensions between Beijing and Western powers have also pushed operations towards the just-announced strategy.

Cover image source: DATI BENDO, European Commission media database

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