America issued a warning about the emergence of Chinese military bases in the Middle East

There are categories of cooperation with the People’s Republic of China that we cannot live with, and we have made that clear

Mira Resnick, a senior State Department official, said at a Senate hearing.

Senator Resnikate asked Chris Morby what the United States is doing with countries negotiating arms purchases in China but “still want to live under the U.S. security umbrella.”

“Our current assessment is that part of China’s global strategy is to build military bases all over the world, including the Middle East,” Dana Stroul, Secretary of State for the Department of Defense, said at the hearing.

We are discussing with every country with which we have a deep partnership the risks posed by the Chinese military base to US defense technology and armed forces.

Specifically, senators asked foreign ministers about the rise of China because the Trump government sold the world’s most modern combat aircraft to the United Arab Emirates, but the Arab country has entered into close cooperation with the People’s Republic of China in several areas. The Biden government is now trying to decide whether to permanently suspend the arms sales agreement.

Cover photo: Roman Pilipey-Pool / Getty Images

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