America is sending large quantities of weapons to one of the most volatile regions in the world

The deal includes the sale of 40 155mm M109A6 medium-sized self-propelled bunkers, precision control systems for aerial bombs, spare parts, communications equipment, and others.

The United States had already made a big deal with Taiwan last year over arms shipments, then sold the shore-based missile systems to the island in order to deter the People’s Republic of China from a potential occupation of Taiwan. The Biden government has also agreed to sell additional weapons since taking office.

Taiwan’s Defense Ministry has expressed gratitude to America, but China strongly condemns the agreement, which they say interfered in China’s internal affairs. They also noted that China will receive a response, depending on how the process develops. US State Department approval does not mean that the contract has been signed or that negotiations have ended.

Although the United States has never officially recognized Taiwan as an independent country, it has existed since 1979. Law on Relations with Taiwan It states that America must ensure that Taiwan has adequate defensive capabilities. Accordingly, the United States has been the most important supplier of arms to Taiwan for many years.

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