America has not yet withdrawn, but the Taliban are already taking back entire regions

America has not yet withdrawn, but the Taliban are already taking back entire regions

After three days of heavy fighting in Jagato district of Jazni province in southeastern Afghanistan, the government forces who suffered losses were forced to leave the district headquarters. This was said by two local authorities The strategic importance of the region is that it provides a kind of entrance to the central regions of the country, by taking possession of the Taliban can now easily attack neighboring areas. There is also a fight for two other territories that may also fall in the near future.

The government forces were also forced to leave central Davlapad district in northern Faryab province on Tuesday, which was abandoned without a fight. The fate of more than a dozen members of the security forces remains unknown because the telecommunications system is not working. The Taliban besieged Dawlatabad for three years, and government forces were only able to receive logistical supplies by air because the insurgents controlled all the roads there.

The Taliban recorded military successes for the third day in a row: after days of fighting on Monday, they occupied another Faryab district and another in western Ghor province. According to a United Nations report, the Taliban occupied five districts last year, but four of them were recaptured by government forces within days.

Since the United States and other members of NATO began withdrawing their forces from the country on May 1, at least ten districts have fallen into the hands of the Taliban.

Gen. Kenneth McKenzie, the commander of US Central Command (Centcom), said on Monday that about half of US soldiers have already been withdrawn.

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Afghanistan has 34 provinces and about four hundred provinces. In the administrative system, the district centers are located at one level under the regional headquarters.

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