America cannot be closed tightly

America cannot be closed tightly

A state of emergency has been declared in San Francisco, California over the risks of contracting the coronavirus, the San Francisco Chronicle reported Tuesday night.

The fourth largest city in the United States has yet to be diagnosed with pneumonia due to a new type of coronavirus, but Mayor London Breed

As a precaution, I declared a state of emergency.

Under this procedure, municipal employees can be redirected from their daily work to the task of sharing information about the public health situation and preventing Coronavirus infection.

The mayor also announced that the city had improved its preparedness for a possible outbreak. “There is a need to reallocate additional resources to effective disease preparedness,” Breed said. However, he noted that it is not the city’s health status that makes this necessary, but, as he put it, “so that we can know our communities safely with good preparation.”

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While there is currently no emergency in the United States, we need to prepare for the virus to spread to the country more than ever, Alex Azar, head of the Human Resources and Health Administration, said at a press conference on Tuesday.

The United States cannot be closed tightly

– The minister said. Azar argued before a Senate subcommittee by voting on the $ 2.5 billion the government had requested to prevent the disease and care for patients who had already been diagnosed. As he said, this amount will also be spent on developing various vaccines and treatments.

The US Department of Defense (the Pentagon) announced that Tuesday evening

An investigative judge in the US military stationed in South Korea was also diagnosed with Coronavirus infection

The 23-year-old has been fired at his residence, and South Korea’s health authorities are already starting to reveal who had been in contact with him in recent days.

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